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Good Morning Ron,

I am very happy that I bought a water filter from you. Thank you for installing
it for us. We live in the country and the well water is terrible, full of
sulfur and other harmful bacteria's. We now enjoy healthy filtered water thanks
to our Water Products water filter. I drink so much more water that I have actually
lost weight since it was installed. I cook with it and use it to rinse all my
vegetables. My recycling has been cut in half because I no longer have to buy
bottled water.

I highly recommend this product to everyone, the service is great and it pays
for itself.


Dr. and Mrs. M Begin

re: My Purchase of a Belkraft 2000 Water Purifier

To whom it may concern, I have tested this Filter on my Cystern & Well Water. It removes the Chlorine taste and smell from by Cystern Water, that I have hauled from the City and and the Sulphur ( Rotten Egg Smell ) from my well water.

I can not believe the difference in the taste. I now have sweet super tasting water directly from my well, thanks to Belkraft.

Bob Fletcher

Millet, AB 

Good evening Ron,

I find it very interesting you should send me this e-mail today. Yesterday I turned in a sample of water to the Mobile Park's plumber who in turn has turned it over to the Park Manager. I hope they are having my water tested. I don't want to wash in it, wash my cloths or even wash my dishes, but I have no choice. The water that comes from my pipes smells of turpentine and the taste is like the smell. I drank one glass one evening (that was when I found there was a problem) and for several hours felt very ill. I was using Brita filters and even with that, I knew there was a terrible problem because of the taste and smell. The water is worse than that now that I am not filtering any water at all. The water issue in my home is alarming and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Thank you for sending the information to me.

Clare Scott

(Clare now is a happy owner of the BelKraft 2000 water purifier)

My doctor discovered that my health problems were due to a lack of minerals in my body.

She told me it was because I was drinking reverse osmosis water, which removes all the healthy minerals from my drinking water.

She referred me to Water Products Canada to remove my RO system and install their Nutri-Tech purifier. As this system purifies water without removing all the calcium and natural minerals, my health has improved and the water even tastes better.

I was so impressed with the professional service that I also ordered their shower filter.

I will be recommending this company not just because of the friendly helpful service, but also because of the quality products and reasonable prices.

Maria Dutrisac


The doctor who discovered the E coli bacteria in the town's water supply in Walkerton, upgraded his home water purifier from a reverse osmosis to our Nutri-Tech purifier.

The college for Naturopathic Doctors in Toronto have our water purifier on every floor and in every kitchen.

If you have a testimonial you would like to add, please e-mail me at ron@waterproducts.com

Our water filters holds Certification, Accreditation, or Membership
with the following Agencies:

ISO 9002 Quality Standard
National Sanitation Foundation standards 42 and 53
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Water Quality Association
Department of Health (Toronto, Canada)
Spectrum Labs (Minneapolis, USA)
Water Research Council (UK)
British 5750 Quality Standard
England's Water Research council (WRc) Performance Standards
California Department of Health
Over 50 Independent Laboratories Worldwide

National Sanitation Foundation

Department of Health

Water Research Council

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