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Water purifiers
Air purifiers
Waterless cookware
Juice Extractors
Food storage containers

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Best Products Available

Water Purifiers

For all your water needs BelKraft has a system for your home or office


Air Purifiers

Full range of air filters from small units for the car to large filters for your furnace


Waterless Cookware

Vacumatic Waterless cookware. Seven ply surgical steel cookware. The best quality available.


Juice Extractors

Stainless steel Juice Extractors - The ultimate "Health machine."



With a lifetime guarantee against any defects in workmanship and materials,

the Montrose cutlery is the only set of knives you will ever need.


Food Storage Containers

Food Storage ... for healthy, money-saving, food preservation.

Keeps food fresher up to 5 times longer.


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