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How bad is our tap water?

Research by federal, provincial and city departments, as well as scientists in universities across the country and around the world have declared that the regular use of chlorinated water for an extended period of time leads to disease such as cancer, heart disease, birth defects and other degenerative disorders.

Over the past two decades, our society has dumped more chemical waste, sewage, poisons, industrial waste and drugs into our water sources than at anytime in history.

Our rivers, lakes and even the underground lakes that supply our wells and springs have become contaminated by the leaching of pest- icides, insecticides, herbicides, nitrates, PCB's, phosphates, dioxins and other toxic substances.

Manure and organic waste has increased bacteria in water sources.

Scientists have identified over 2300 chemicals in our water.

The water treatment process adds aluminum sulphate, chlorine and other chemicals to our water. All are poisonous.

As water passes through the distribution pipelines it picks up poisonous pollutants such as copper, iron, zinc and lead which can and does lead to serious long term health effects.

Without the chlorine, most of us would be dead in days from water born bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately chlorine reacts with organic matter in the water and creates trihalomethanes (THM's) and haloacetates, which have proven carcinogenic.

Escherichia coli (E.Coli), gardia lamblia, fecal coliform and cryptosporidium are microscopic parasites, mostly chlorine resistant, found in the feces of infected humans or animals are often found in water sources after snowmelt or rainstorms.

It is estimated that one third of gastro intestinal illnesses can be traced to microbes in tap water.

Current testing methods for cryptosporidium are ineffective.

Ten years ago, statistics showed 1 in 15 suffering with cancer. Current projections are 1 in 2 within the next ten years.

You definitely want the disinfecting power of chlorine in the water right up to your tap but at that point you have to make a decision.. "You can either have a water filter or be the water filter."

If you decide to be the filter, remember replacing the clogged human organs can be a long, painful and sometimes fatal process and the replacement you get is never a new one.

It's your decision. Do you want you and your family to be the filters? Or do you want to be able to throw away the bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, poisons and other contaminants every year and start with a brand new fresh filter cartridge?

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