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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Both of our systems include a PH Alkalinity Neutralizer Filtration stage to raise the PH and eliminate the acidity.

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7 stage mineral RO system



Computerized TDS (total dissolved solids) meter, TDS alarm, Auto Flush, Leak Detection System, and LCD indicator that will display and indicate the consumer when to replace the filters

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System Benefits :

Pure water drinking water systems from BelKraft feature reverse osmosis membrane technology, to provide you with water as it was intended to be, just H2O. Harmful chemicals are removed. Everyone will taste the difference BelKraft reverse osmosis systems make.

BelKraft RO drinking water systems feature high quality membrane technology that produces purified drinking water that will not produce acidic water. These Reverse Osmosis systems remove 10% to 20% more contaminants than most systems. High quality, pure, and great tasting water with high capacity from BelKraft Water Systems ... whenever you want it.

Begin your day risk-free with pure water and a healthy diet.
Because everyone deserves pure drinking water.

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I spent the last 15 years pulling out RO systems from people's homes for health reasons, and now I own one.

About a year ago the factory that produces our NO SALT water softener asked me why I do not buy their RO systems. I gave them my list of reasons and a year later they called me and said they built me an RO system solving all my beefs.

Here is the list I gave them:

  • Can't produce enough water. Comes out too slow and even with the holding tank my family of 5 would always be running out.
  • Water tastes bland, as all the rich natural minerals are removed.
  • Because the water is stripped of all minerals the water is acidic and the list of health side effects from drinking acidic water is long. This is why some Doctors were telling their patients to have their RO systems removed. (Great for a two week detox, but not good for long term drinking)
  • Wasteful. For every treated gallon of water, 8 gallons goes down the drain.
  • Takes up too much space under the sink.
  • No way of detecting if the RO membrane has ruptured unless you buy a super expensive one with a TDS indicator.
  • Expensive.

Here is what they did to resolve all my concerns:

  • Produces 100 gallons of purified water per day.
  • Water tastes sweet, as the minerals have been reintroduced. This is what Coke's Dasany water is, remineralized RO water. They know how to avoid lawsuits.
  • Best tasting and purist possible water.
  • Only has a 50% runoff.
  • Very compact.
  • Built-in computer that warns of a membrane rupture, leaks, expiration of cartridges and the TDS count.
  • Not expensive.

I was so impressed that I bought one for myself and am loving it.

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