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This service agreement can be faxed to our office or you can simply call for an appointment to get your purifier installed.


Water Products Inc.

Home of the "Free Water Purifier" Program

Service Agreement

(For non-commercial use)

Parties to this agreement:


This agreement is between


634 Chenier Way, Ottawa Ontario K4A 1R4, (613) 523-7800 (local calls in Ottawa)

1-877-523-7800 ( toll free - outside Ottawa)

hereinafter called "Water Products Inc" or "the company"

And _________________________________________________________ (full names)

hereinafter called the "customer"

Of ____________________________________________________________ (address)


Telephone # home _______________ work _______________ cell ________________

Email address: __________________________________________________________

Overview of the Free Water Purifier (FWP) Program :

. Unlimited clear pure water for your whole family for as little as 39 cents a day.

. FREE loan of a world class BelKraft ceramic/carbon block water purifier (reg. price $380)

. An annual in-home service call to clean and sterilize the purification system, replace worn or broken parts and replace the ceramic/carbon block cartridge with a brand new cartridge.

This installation and in-home service program is currently available within the city of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Please see *below is information for customers outside of this area.

Water Products Inc. offers to its clients the ability to purify an unlimited supply of pure water for as little as 39 cents a day. This includes the loan of a world class BelKraft Slimline purifier (regular price $380) at NO cost for as long as the client agrees to let us service the purifier. The 39 cents a day ( total of $142.35 annually) includes an annual in-home service call where the purification system will be cleaned and sterilized, worn or broken parts replaced and the cartridge replaced with a brand new BelKraft **4 stage ceramic/carbon block cartridge (regular price $129.00) all included in the annual subscription fee of $142.35. In addition, the initial installation of your countertop is FREE. The model provided is made of high grade polypropylene and sits on the kitchen countertop next to the sink.

An upgrade to the BelKraft 2000 surgical stainless steel model can be made for an additional 15 cents per day ($54.75 annually). The surgical stainless steel model (regular price $998.00) can be installed either on the counter or under the counter* with an attractive faucet installed on the edge of the sink. The installation kit which includes the faucet and all of the necessary equipment to complete the under counter installation is available at 50% off the regular price provided it is ordered when the initial appointment is scheduled. There is full instruction to hook up the faucet kit and our installer will be there to assist. The faucet and other installation kit items become the property of the client.

The BelKraft water purifier, either polypropylene or surgical stainless steel, remains the property of Water Products Inc. Clients can purchase their BelKraft water purifier at any time at 50% of the regular price.

**The BelKraft 4 stage ceramic block cartridge filters down to 0.3 of a micron. The diameter of a human hair is about 100 microns, human cells are about 10 microns and bacteria can be as small as 3 microns, far too large to pass through our amazing BelKraft purifier. The ceramic filter is impregnated with silver, which kills bacteria on contact and prevents any bacterial growth or contamination of the other components.

Terms and conditions

Water Products Inc. hereby agrees to provide one of the world's best water purifiers at no charge on a loan basis for as long as the customer wishes to remain on the FWP program. A condition of the FWP program is that the water filter is serviced annually by a Water Products Canada technician and the cartridge replaced with a genuine BelKraft cartridge.

We provide to all of our clients a three stage bacteriastatic cartridge which we know far exceeds the standards of any other water purification system and ensures the health and safety of our customers for as little as 39 cents a day. If you have any questions please refer to the two documents "Drink water like your life depended upon it - because it does" and "I want clear refreshing water - what are my options?" both documents are available on the web site or contact us at 613-523-7800.

Between the annual in-home service calls, the flow rate of the water may diminish if a more than usual amount of contaminants in the water start to block the sub-micron pores in the washable ceramic cartridge. This varies from one area to another even within the same city depending upon the age and condition of the water pipes leading to your home . Rural homes using well water may have to clean the washable ceramic cartridge a little more frequently. The client is responsible for the simple washing of the ceramic cartridge with the scouring pad provided, as shown at the time of the installation or you can find complete instructions on our maintenance page.

This agreement can be cancelled at any time and the customer is responsible for returning the water purifier, in good condition, to Water Products Inc. The company cannot refund the unused portion of the subscription paid because the installation or annual service has been completed and a new cartridge installed. Company standards do not permit a used cartridge to be used for another customer.

*The FWP program is also available for customers living in rural areas and cities and towns not currently serviced by Water Products Canada Inc's service program. The customer can still receive a BelKraft water purifier on loan at no cost, but instead of the free installation or annual in home service the company will pay the cost to ship the purifier, the cartridge and any optional equipment purchased. We also provide simple installation and service instructions. These customers also have access to the customer help line to answer any of their installation or service oriented questions, and all for only 39 cents or 54 cents a day.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY In no event shall Water Products Inc. be held legally responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the use of the BelKraft water purification system on loan, including property damage external to the product and loss arising out of such damage, including third party claims against the customer for damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so that the above may not apply to you.

The annual FWP maintenance program is payable prior to installation and annual service calls and can be made by credit card, PayPal or cheque. (Cheque's must clear before installation or annual service is scheduled).

As a client of the FWP program I wish to have the use of the:

____ BelKraft Slimline countertop model for 39 cents a day. ($142.00 plus tax annually) or

____ BelKraft Universal Undercounter model for 39 cents a day. ($142.00 plus tax annually)

____ BelKraft 2000 stainless steel model for 54 cents a day. ($197.00 plus tax annually)

____ I would also like to have the faucet installation kit # ___________ for $_________ .


I have read, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.


_______________________________ ______________________________

Printed name Signature Date


_______________________________ ______________________________

Printed name Signature Date

On behalf of Water Products Inc.


__________________________ __________________________ ________

Printed name Signature Date


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