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Out Of Towners

The FWP program is also available for customers living in rural areas and cities and towns not currently serviced by Water Products Canada Inc.'s service program.

The customer can still receive a BelKraft water purifier on loan at no cost, but instead of the free installation or annual in home service, the company will pay the cost to ship the purifier, the cartridge and any optional equipment purchased.

We also provide simple installation and service instructions.

These customers also have access to the customer helpline to answer any of their installation or service oriented questions, and all for only .39 cents or .49 cents a day.

Your choices are;

The BelKraft Slimline countertop model for 39 cents a day. $142.00 (plus tax) annually or

The BelKraft Universal undercounter model for 39 cents a day. $142.00 (plus tax) annually or

The BelKraft 2000 stainless steel model for 54 cents a day. $197.00 (plus tax) annually

Go HERE for a printable service agreement.

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